Monday 4 February 2008


This is not a filmblog, or a bookblog, or a sportblog. But it seems like people read it anyways. Wich kind of makes me want to write better. And more.

Right now I am not at work, despite the fact that it is half two on a monday. I am off today, wich is great. So I'm at a internet cafe at Barrack, hanging around while my company is reading hockey blogs.

I have moved! To Vicar street! With Sara and Maria and I love it. Yesterday I made mom's lemon and terragon chicken, and it felt very much like home. Not only home, but a home. Mine.

Meanwhile, at "home", in Sweden that is, which is of course "home" although Cork feels more like home after just a couple of months, my new baby sister is born. Since friday I have two sisters instead of one. Which is a miracle and I love them both eternally. (Yes, okay, I love my brothers too.) Of all the people in the world, these are the most inportant to me. All four of them.

My stubborn cold seems to slowly subside, my painfull tooth is still painful but not as bad, and my visitor is making me happy. It has been a very good weekend, even though most of saturday was spent moving. I have new shoes, new jeans, the Alien quadrology and the first season of Monthy Pyton's Flying Circus. (And for all this I spent € 30. Wow like.)

Sweeny Todd was good mostly because of exelent music and the fact that Depp was a much better singer than I would have thought. But Burton will have to be a little more than just Burton to impress. Just doing the same thing with the same actors over and over again does not make me happy, even though I count myself as a Burton fan. I wonder what he will make of Alice. It is a book that I adore, but the film is based on the computer game. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as Alice, returning to Wonderland many years later. I must admit that I am highly sceptical. Well, I'll have to wait about a year to find out if Burton is still able to surprise me, and if he is good enough to direct Gellar into a mentally challenged Alice.

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