Wednesday, 6 February 2008

He's Gone

But having him here was good. Very good. I prepared for feeling bad about seeing him go, but I didn't. And of course everyone was charmed, because he is charming. I have to say that this was a very good weekend.

Right now I feel like listening to Leonard Cohen and doing something, go sailing or riding a bicycle or anything. I'm a bit restless.

(I need you, I don't need you)

Yesterday I made a very good lasagna. And it was fat tuesday, so Sara made very small and flat semlor, but they where very very good since they where the only ones available.

Tonight is house meeting. After that I'm going for a pint with Amalie, and maybe I'm calling George as well. And planned for the weekend is Lust, Caution and I'm not here or I'm not there or whatever it's called. I keep forgetting. The one about Dylan.

I'm planning to go to Berlin in the spring.


Anonymous said...

pah. jag ska då aldrig mer göra semlor till dig...

Kristina said...


Anonymous said...

nope, jag håller mig till det jag kan - amerikanska pannkakor och sticky cake :p

Kristina said...