Friday 18 January 2008

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded

Well. It's friday and I'm seriously getting a flu or something. Yesterday we had dinner at Hannah and Ida's new place, and we watched Coach Carter because Ida wanted to see the fit boys with no shirts. It was quite amusing. We also had a absolutely fabulous chocolate cake, made by me, Sara and Amalie.

Not so very amusing is the fact that I can hardly open my mouth from the pain in my left jaw. Tomorrow Sweeny Todd opens. We were supposed to see Kite Runner tonight but it's on to early. So saturday or sunday we will see either Sweeny Todd or Kite Runner. Life is interesting, huh?

Also looking forward to antoher saturday of Buffy and lemsip.

The week has been quick and fun as usual. Ida had a minor fit yesterday about how happy I am, and how I can manage to stay so positive. She laughed so she almost cried when I told her the secret; seven or eight years of therapy.

I'm extremely tired and I just want to get well.

Looking forward to having a visitor soon... Looking forward to it very much.

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Jopa said...

I hope to that you get well.