Monday 7 January 2008

More exitement

Another weekend has passed and, once again, I survived. It was'nt very tricky though. Saturday I spent at Sara's, eating a great meal of chicken and wedges and a very good sauce of red wine, and then icecream with chocolate sauce. We watched Grey's Anatomy untill Ida called me and forced me to come out.

The rest of the night was filled with adventures that I will spare my audience, since it concists of, among others I try to convince myself, my parents.

Anohow, on sunday we went to the cinema, and against my recomendation we saw PS I love you, wich was hysterically boring and meaningless.

Today footballpractice begins! And I have no shoes or training clothes.

And the bank is stupid and it seems like I will never ever be able to transfer any money anywhere. Stupid.

Now I'm gonna go buy some training pants and some dinner. Then play football.

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