Thursday 6 March 2008

a part of my life

Every day, every breath, of my life is a part of my life. A crucial part. So why do they all flicker by like butterflies, like cherry blossom petals? Soft colours, melting into one. Winter, spring. The tide comes in and River Lee swells up, boils.

My life in this city. It's different. So much emotions but still I'm generally happy. Soft colours, soft shadows in the background. And the rain, the constant rain.

Today I was so brave. I did something important. It felt weird but very good.

I can trust people. I can actually. Some people. I trust the people I live with, and the people I work with. They are my friends. A strange feeling. Security. Comfortable.

Parts of my life now.

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Anonymous said...

Älskade unge du rör mej till tårar!
Tusen pussar!