Wednesday 26 March 2008

There's a reason

Actual several reasons, why I havn't been updating at all the latest few weeks. This is one of them. (And it is the coolest thing since sliced bread.)

The other reason is that I've been spending a huge amount of time thinking about stuff. Or boys, actually. I don't want to talk about it. (Of course I do, but not here. At least one of them reads this.)

And also, Iv'e been kinda busy. Easter has been crazy. Last week was crazy. I was off last monday for Saint Patricks. The Saint Patricks weekend was... A bit wet. I worked three days last week and then I was off four. On wednesday, a week ago today, we had Eva and Karl over for dinner. On thursday we went pubcrawling, it was Amalies going away party. We got her very drunk. (Read more about it here.) Friday I spent on the sofa, in bed and at James' place, eating hamburgers and icecream and watching movies. Very relaxing. On saturday Matthieu, one of the technical escalations guys, had his going away party, and that was also kind of crazy, and sunday was basically the same as friday. Hungover, movies, hamburgers, icecream. On monday we had a great big dinner! Nine people in our little kitchen! It was awesome. (Read more about that here as well.)

On tuesday I stayed awake for way to long, talking to someone far away. So today I am quite tired. And a bit confused. And, from time to time, a bit sad.

But mostly all is well. Apart from the fact that Amalie has left now. Her plane leaves from Dublin right about... now. (11.30 that is.)

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