Saturday 23 August 2008


So after eleven hours of travelling I am now at my mom's place in Uppsala. Woke up at five, kinda hungover after 99 calls, one bottle of wine and four hours of sleep, the taxi picked me up at six, plane left at eight-ish... Or it should have, but it was kinda late. Spent the flight talking to a french girl named Chloé. A couple of hours at Stansted, a croissont, another flight, and I landed in Västerås, smallest airport ever. The bus - the only bus - for Uppsala left without me (and a plastic surgeon named Marcus from England who liked Kevin Smith) but luckily it turned around to pick us up.

Me and mom had the mushroom and fish dish that I love and watched Montalbano which I also love and now I'm super duper tired.

Tomorrow my single goal is a pizza.

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Anonymous said...

Woho! Kristina är i Sverige!!