Wednesday 13 August 2008

dreams, wishes

I had a dream tonight, the kind you think is real and joy just fills you up like butterflies and then you wake up and it's not true. It's gone and it never was. You wake up to the annoying sounds of the alarmclock (Saint Elmo's Fire by John Parr) and you're back in reality, back in the red darkness of your room. (Maybe not you. Maybe it's just me.)

You get out of your room and realize that the rain is pouring down from a strangely yellow sky. And it keeps doing that all day because you chose to move to Ireland, did'nt you!?! (Uhm yeah, still me.) Ireland. "Summer".

And that dream... It was totally stupid. And it makes me feel stupid for feeling so happy about it. I am so very very tired of feeling like this. I wish I knew... Anything.

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