Tuesday, 5 August 2008

some crappy title

My neck hurts. Probably from the AC at work. Starting to have problems moving my neck. Lucky for me they just adjusted it.

I'm a bit tired. We went out for a beer after work, me, Johan and Maia, and kinda continued at Viola and Björn's place, watching Ronja Rövardotter and eating Zam Zam-food. A really nice night! I'm not hungover at all, just a bit tired. And hungry. Feel like a sub today. For the first time in months.

Having Maia here is awesome. We're having loads of fun.

We saw Dark Knight again on sunday. It was still really cool. Ledger was still really good as the Joker. Really.

All in all I feel kinda depressed. It's amazing how feelings can be so intense, it sometimes feels like the world around me fades and my memories are bigger, more real, more present. I want to live in my life. I do. Right here and now. It's just that something is missing. Like... there's a hole in my life. Like a wound. I try to move around it carefully, try to make it not hurt so much, but I can't get rid of the feeling of emptyness. Life goes on. Only... wrong.

It' strange because there's so much good stuff going on. There's more than one thing to bring me down, of course, but I want to be happy. Life is good. I want to enjoy it.

Sara got in to medschool in Gothenburg so we're going out tonight to celebrate. Tomorrow I think me and Maia are leaving town for about 24 hours, just to see something else, some nature, some rain, some pub.

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