Wednesday 23 July 2008



Just sick. I think.

Tinariwen was absolutely great and I had a great night with Afrika. We had thai food and went to Scoozi for dessert. They refused to give me the recipe for marsbar cheesecake but I still like them. Johan had TiramisĂș which is probably ecually good, and afterwards I felt really sick from eating way to much. But the concert was wondergreat and me and Johan are going to dance the robot-dance on every concert ever from now on.

My head hurts and my throat hurts and I feel a bit nauceaus and I have no appetite. My friends tell me to go to the doctor but I truly believe that the only good thing that that could bring me is pay for today. And since I really don't feel like walking out the door and my bluecard is out I think I'll just try to live without todays pay. Nothing in this world can make me trust a doctor.

It hurts so much.

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