Monday 14 July 2008

cruel summer

Yeah. "Summer". It's the middle of july (ten days to my birthday!) and it's not summer. I am so tired of this! It's starting to feel like I'm wasting my time here. Just because of the summer. I miss the summer so bad. I miss it I miss it I miss it and I want it back! I'm used to sunshine, at least 20 degrees, going to the beach, stuff like that. This is nothing. Void. Grey, lifeless void.

We just finished Alien: Ressurection and it was great of course, even though it differs extremely much from the three first ones. Both Whedon's writing and Jeunet's visionary directing adds to the more action packed, funnier, comic book feeling of the film. Sharp contrast to Alien 3 which is much more artsy and... stripped. Kinda.

A couple of days ago was my second birthday as a blogger. Moderately interesting, but still.

Something that I've actively tried to keep out of my mind has made it's presence clear and it's kind of crushing. I really, really don't want this reality. It's like... Everything sucks so extremely much right now. Everything. The one thing that keeps me in a good mood, a very good mood, is slowly backfiring.

I don't usually wish. I don't make wishes. I know everything has a price and I want to save my luck for when I really need it. But now I wish, I wish all the time.

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