Thursday 26 February 2015

the right direction

I did stuff! I feel good when I do stuff, when I get out of the apartment. Of course. I'm a human. Humans need to not only sit inside all the time.


  • Went to the doctor
  • bought hair dye
  • bought a new tank for the electric cigarette
  • bought some tea tree oil and stuff for making hippie stuff
  • collected my bike from the repair shop
  • made dinner
  • made new dry shampoo (arrowroot, corn flour, baking soda, some cinnamon and a couple of drops of orange essential oil)
and now I have coconut oil in my hair, prepping for bleach and then a brand new pretty color! Yay!

Soooo suddenly it was really late and too late to shower and WAY too late to start hair projects! So I guess my hair will get an overnight coconut oil treatment. 

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