Saturday 8 March 2014


Life is constant pain. I wish I was dead. I wish people would stop forcing me to stay alive. Death is the only thing that I can think about that doesn't hurt. Life is the silent scream inside, death is the calm after. The relief, the release.

But I won't do it, the only thing I want, the only comforting thought I have. I'll go on, I'll keep wallowing in misery. For the people who "care". I'm starting to hate them for making me promise, for asking me, for crying at me.

Is it really that impossible for you to just let go of one single person that you never call or see anyways? Is it so important to you that I go through this miserable repulsive life just so that you don't need to think about me? So that you don't need to feel bad after? Can't you just let me kill myself?

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