Friday 8 May 2015

A little miracle

Today I have been in a pretty good mood all day. This is highly unusual. I have good days, definitely, but they're usually not good all the time? A normal good day I still have a couple of breakdowns and need a couple of naps to make it through.

And good days usually have reasons. Today was just nice for no reason. My hips hurt like crazy but apart from that stuff was... well, good. I'm in bed and it's late (and I got up EARLY! Around eight!) and I'm still feeling perfectly okay.

I did several different things today! I even spent some money on myself without even feeling bad about it, in fact I even felt kinda... good about it! It was a small amount and on crap (as usual, I'm a total crap hoarder) but I felt like it was okay. I can be kind to myself just because. I can treat myself to some semi useless things. I tidied my room a bit and painted my nails and watched buffy with Alexandra and I feel so weird! It's a little bit like emptiness but not negative, I guess I'm just not sad? I'm so unused to feeling not-sad that it's almost hard to handle.

I don't remember when I had a day like this the last time. (Mind you that don't mean much. I have crappy memory. I might have had a lot of days like this and just forgotten about them... but probably not.)

Gonna try to sleep now. Preparing for a bad mental backlash tomorrow.

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