Friday 16 August 2013

Good morning

I'm awake. A couple of hours earlier than the last few days. Got a lot to do today. 

I "relocated" to Irena's place and it feels pretty good. She came with me to the "work agency" thing (arbetsf√∂medlingen) for moral support and waited for like three hours. I have the best friends. I have no idea how I deserve them. 

I felt a bit insecure and asked her if she thought that there was something wrong with me. I'm 29 and I get myself in these situations. Broke with no job and nowhere to stay. I'm confident that I'll find a job and everything will work out but what if I'm just stupid? What if I'm doing it all wrong? 

She said that I shouldn't worry. That I'm brave and that I don't let norms control me. I'm not crazy. I just do what I want. 

I felt very happy to hear that. It's hard for me to explain the difference between nuts and brave as well as Irena did but it was still a great thing to hear. 

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