Wednesday 28 March 2012

Candy lips

I am very happy with the result of combining the lip stain and the lip lacquer that I bought a couple of days ago. And the blusher as well. Had a bit too much fun putting on my makeup tho, 30 minutes just flew by.

"Thirty minutes?" you might ask. "how is that possible? It doesn't even look like you're wearing that much make up?"

Well, I helped the kid find some clean clothes, and I am wearing a lot of make up.

Eye liner
Brown eye shadow
Gold shimmer eye shadow
Gold eye shadow
Lip stain
Lip pencil
Eyebrow gel
Liquid eye liner
And lip lacquer.

In other words, WAY more than my morning routine allows, and than I usually wear.

Well this isn't a make up blog. So I am also going to tell you that I finished cleaning the whole kitchen, plus hallway yesterday! It felt so incredibly good! Aaaah the kitchen is so clean... Now I can call the landlord and ask them to come and help us connect the new dishwasher!

And tonight I'm replanting my shoots, and hopefully it won't be too late. They don't look too good at the moment. And if I can afford it after all the bills are paid I'm gonna go to IKEA and buy a miniature green house for the chilies.

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