Saturday 14 December 2013

Lucia science fiction special feature

Barbarella, brownies and crafting. A great night so far. Barbarella is funking amazeballs. Pygar the sexy blind angel, a not just strong but also smart and sensual and confident female lead, it passes the bechdel test beautifully, it's just all wonderfullness all the time. The bit with the dolls and the bit with the birds are both truly creepy. Gods. There's the mathmos that gives the city of night electricity (I think?) in return for hateful thoughts and also flesh.

There's the hairy child collector of the frozen forests and Duran Duran and "Dildano" the revolutionary and the harmonic sex and the "uncivilized" kind. The civilized way seems incredible tho.

Elsa the kitten is asleep on my leg and it feels like a great honor. C is untangling embroidery threads and KS is playing the new version of Terraria and J is mostly eating it seems.

Elsa is dreaming now, her kitten feet twitching madly.

This movie is hilarious. This cat is incredibly sweet. This company is wonderful. What a sweet funking night.

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